A cyberpunk federation of linked houses

T17 residence

Mikael April 21, 2017 12:04

The T17 house terminal

Our house has a house computer. It's a wallet-size gizmo ("Raspberry Pi") with a cheap monitor, all hanging on the wall of the common room. And it boots directly into Linux running a text editor from the 1970s (Emacs) which we've modified into a house logbook/chat.

Nobody ever checks their Facebook on this computer. Partly because it's too slow, but mostly because you need to learn some complicated keyboard commands to get out of the house chat system, and no one bothers. So it's just a black terminal where residents and guests can type messages, old school IRC style.

This all gives our house computer a nicely disconnected feeling -- kind of cyberpunk. But not really. The real cyberpunk is yet to come.

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