A cyberpunk federation of linked houses

T17 residence

Mikael June 14, 2017 13:49

Summer plans for

The second node of the system has started to come alive in D27. Since the purpose of the system is to link houses, it only really exists once there is a linked pair, and that's the first milestone.

Previously the system was based on Debian, a classic GNU/Linux-based operating system, or rather the "Raspbian" version that's the default on Raspberry Pi computers. Now we have decided to instead base the system on NixOS, which will make it easier to develop, upgrade, and spread the system.

The system will be portable and run on both ARM-based Raspberry Pi and x86-based Linux computers. The current D27 installation is an old desktop computer, whereas the T17 installation is a Raspberry Pi.

We have also started developing the next generation user interface with the Electron framework, which will let us use all the cross-platform functionality of the Chromium browser, for example video capturing.

During the summer we hope to:

  1. Get the system fully operational as a chat link between T17 and D27.
  2. Finish the RFID integration and connect the D27 door mechanisms into the networked system.
  3. Begin to develop some community house organizational tools, for example budgeting and accounting?
Applause from Jāzeps and Agnese


Agnese June 17, 2017 03:50