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Jāzeps May 25, 2017 09:26

Map is in the streets

Happy to tell that we are starting to plan a new season for Lastadija map project, this summer we will try to get closer to the people and gather more and more versatile stories. Now adding the visual medium! For the map project to be continued we have to say our big thanks to Riga City social integration program for supporting the map! Cake to them.

As we are out of last print of 1000 maps and we are in the state to maps being collectible. So we decided to put them out in the streets for wider public to enjoy and in the physical.

See the map and most of the stories here in our mini ruin gallery in the foothills of Science academy.

My nice image description

Here is a closer look on the map and stories, dont they look great? Just come by! Its in the furthest corner of Maskavas iela 9 green field (Lastadija field since 2016 autumn). If you come so far you can also visit us at t17 just around the corner.

the link

Applause from Mikael
Jāzeps April 24, 2017 20:33

Map project, first post


The Lastadija map is map with experiance stories from the local neighborhood. This was apart from renovation our first team made house project - so a lot of trials and errors. For now we are just letting you know that the map is alive and running!

Visit the map at there you can read stories and update the map with your own. Dont be shy, just try it out!


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