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Mikael May 12, 2017 20:51

T17 party recipe: soya shashlik

We learned about the concept "soyshlik" -- soy protein pieces marinated and grilled shashlik style -- from the great grilling traditions of Dzīvnieku brīvība.

Soyshlik is a multi-step process that takes a couple of hours. Boiling, squeezing, frying, marinating, and grilling. Today's recipe is modified for extra party flavor because of tomorrow's grand house opening.

Soyshlik ingredients

The marinade is based on oil (sunflower and olive), soy sauce, and vinegar, with flavors from onion, garlic, ginger, shashlik spice mix from the spice shop in the Central Market's meat pavillion, Dijon mustard, fresh coriander, and for fun, some chili fruits, some smoked paprika, some laksis ("wild garlic"), and half a bottle of dark Valmiermuiža.

After making the marinade, pour boiled water on the soya pieces and leave it for a few minutes until they're soft. Then cool it all down with cold water, and squeeze the water from each soya piece. I do it with my hand to really get the water out. This takes a while and is not very fun.

The next step is kind of fun, but takes even longer. Get your favorite pan for searing stuff; we use a carbon steel skillet that gets ridiculously hot. Then fry pieces, a few at a time, in oil with shashlik spice mix (or some other spicy stuff), aiming for a nice browned surface. Drop them into the marinade.

Eat some of them as you cook, drenched in marinade, and experience waves of umami-flavored bliss. Wash down with other half of Valmiermuiža.

Leave them marinating for hours or overnight, then grill (or, more sadly, heat in oven), and serve with a bread, salad, and sauce.

Applause from Agnese and Jāzeps