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Mikael April 22, 2017 17:24

Lielā talka 2017

Our yard wasn't an official spot for Lielā talka, but hey, we still do what we can in our little corner of the world.

First we cleaned up the big green field, filling a few 200-liter trash bags. Then Kārlis got out some europallets, Mārcis brought a bucket of yellow paint, and Krišjānis came around to join the action.

The Science Academy loomed in the background encouraging us to reach for the stars.

Kārlis, Mārcis, and Krišjānis working with Science Academy in the background

The weather flipped between nice and awful...

Krišjānis and Mārcis in the snow-rain

...but the sun came back, and the pallets became outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture made of pallets

What will happen there? Nobody knows!

Applause from Ieva, Agnese, Ray, and Jāzeps


Ieva April 22, 2017 21:11

Pity I couldn't join! Next we need some grilling action in the new corner

Agnese April 23, 2017 14:07

A bit of work and it will make a great event spot. especially for summer. i can easly imagine performances on a little stage happening there. good job, T17!

Ray April 23, 2017 16:38

Can't wait for the oatmilkworkshop there

Jāzeps April 24, 2017 20:12

As I did some Talka in L26, me Karlis and Ieva did some gardening and flowers planting in the next day as it was so nice and sunny. :)))))

just by the house