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Mikael May 02, 2017 22:08

Dinner with Ieva Klimaševska, social worker

Today we made a big dinner for a visit by Ieva Klimaševska who works in a shelter, along with her daughter Ilze.

We asked Ieva about her experiences from social work, and about what it means to work with poverty, addiction, and social exclusion.

She shared stories of successful rehabilitation and reintegration, as well as some sadder stories. It is not obvious how it will go in each case. Often someone does well despite low expectations, and the other way around.

Meeting with Ieva

Dependence on alcohol is a primary problem. Ieva told about the Minnesota method of addiction treatment as practised in the Jelgava psychoneurological hospital.

We also got some guidance on how to work with our green field, because we know that it is sometimes used by homeless people. Ieva's basic advice was to just talk with them when we meet them, because they are so often ignored.

Big thanks to Ieva and Ilze for a nice discussion.