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T17 residence

Jāzeps May 13, 2017 11:59


Short entry.

Opening new buildings is one of Free Riga residents challenges.

In the half year with t17 we have done much work to help open and prepare new buildings. To mention - Liksnas 23, recently abrupter project. But as Ray likes to say, one door closing is another opening (or something with similar meaning).

Here, Mikael doing light installation for the second floor opening.


With the best of our luck and hard work - new doors also opened already last week. Hail D27! Project that started here at common room of T17 will now expand to new rooms and will hopefully grow further and will help sprawl much more very soon.

Here a picture of happy me, after with Prof. K. we at 8.00. in the morning set up a temporary (for month or two) water system for the new D27. This is also partly prof. K. entry.

water Prof.K.

Applause from Agnese