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Jāzeps June 14, 2017 13:26

T17 looking for new recruits!

This is a call to all of our friends, friends friends and followers and others that are interested. We are looking for up to two new residents for the T17.

T17 is the oasis in the middle of city. T17 is cool. T17 is something like community. We meet, have common projects and work together to make the neighborhood around us better.

Apply for residency NOW! // //


Jāzeps May 13, 2017 11:59


Short entry.

Opening new buildings is one of Free Riga residents challenges.

In the half year with t17 we have done much work to help open and prepare new buildings. To mention - Liksnas 23, recently abrupter project. But as Ray likes to say, one door closing is another opening (or something with similar meaning).

Here, Mikael doing light installation for the second floor opening.


With the best of our luck and hard work - new doors also opened already last week. Hail D27! Project that started here at common room of T17 will now expand to new rooms and will hopefully grow further and will help sprawl much more very soon.

Here a picture of happy me, after with Prof. K. we at 8.00. in the morning set up a temporary (for month or two) water system for the new D27. This is also partly prof. K. entry.

water Prof.K.

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Mikael May 12, 2017 20:51

T17 party recipe: soya shashlik

We learned about the concept "soyshlik" -- soy protein pieces marinated and grilled shashlik style -- from the great grilling traditions of Dzīvnieku brīvība.

Soyshlik is a multi-step process that takes a couple of hours. Boiling, squeezing, frying, marinating, and grilling. Today's recipe is modified for extra party flavor because of tomorrow's grand house opening.

Soyshlik ingredients

The marinade is based on oil (sunflower and olive), soy sauce, and vinegar, with flavors from onion, garlic, ginger, shashlik spice mix from the spice shop in the Central Market's meat pavillion, Dijon mustard, fresh coriander, and for fun, some chili fruits, some smoked paprika, some laksis ("wild garlic"), and half a bottle of dark Valmiermuiža.

After making the marinade, pour boiled water on the soya pieces and leave it for a few minutes until they're soft. Then cool it all down with cold water, and squeeze the water from each soya piece. I do it with my hand to really get the water out. This takes a while and is not very fun.

The next step is kind of fun, but takes even longer. Get your favorite pan for searing stuff; we use a carbon steel skillet that gets ridiculously hot. Then fry pieces, a few at a time, in oil with shashlik spice mix (or some other spicy stuff), aiming for a nice browned surface. Drop them into the marinade.

Eat some of them as you cook, drenched in marinade, and experience waves of umami-flavored bliss. Wash down with other half of Valmiermuiža.

Leave them marinating for hours or overnight, then grill (or, more sadly, heat in oven), and serve with a bread, salad, and sauce.

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Mikael May 02, 2017 22:08

Dinner with Ieva Klimaševska, social worker

Today we made a big dinner for a visit by Ieva Klimaševska who works in a shelter, along with her daughter Ilze.

We asked Ieva about her experiences from social work, and about what it means to work with poverty, addiction, and social exclusion.

She shared stories of successful rehabilitation and reintegration, as well as some sadder stories. It is not obvious how it will go in each case. Often someone does well despite low expectations, and the other way around.

Meeting with Ieva

Dependence on alcohol is a primary problem. Ieva told about the Minnesota method of addiction treatment as practised in the Jelgava psychoneurological hospital.

We also got some guidance on how to work with our green field, because we know that it is sometimes used by homeless people. Ieva's basic advice was to just talk with them when we meet them, because they are so often ignored.

Big thanks to Ieva and Ilze for a nice discussion.

Mikael April 22, 2017 17:24

Lielā talka 2017

Our yard wasn't an official spot for Lielā talka, but hey, we still do what we can in our little corner of the world.

First we cleaned up the big green field, filling a few 200-liter trash bags. Then Kārlis got out some europallets, Mārcis brought a bucket of yellow paint, and Krišjānis came around to join the action.

The Science Academy loomed in the background encouraging us to reach for the stars.

Kārlis, Mārcis, and Krišjānis working with Science Academy in the background

The weather flipped between nice and awful...

Krišjānis and Mārcis in the snow-rain

...but the sun came back, and the pallets became outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture made of pallets

What will happen there? Nobody knows!

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